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Joe Traigle started A & L Sales in the garage of his Belle Chasse, Louisiana home in 1966. Known as the "go-to-man", Joe sold any variety of product requested and eventually evolved to focusing on disposable products. Buying a vacant lot from a relative, just down the street from his house, Joe built a 2,000 square foot warehouse in 1969. In 1974 the company outgrew the existing warehouse and built a 6,000 square foot facility and a 1,800 square foot office building at their current location in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

Joe named the company using the first initials of him and his wife Lea's names. When new salesmen used to call he would tell them if they could guess his first name he would give them an order. Only one ever guessed correctly that his name was Ambrose. Everyone used to call him Joe because when he was growing up he didn't like Ambrose so he told everybody to call him Joe. He said that sounded more normal. Joe had twelve brothers and sisters so he received a lot of ribbing about his name. At the age of 14, he left home to support himself because his parents couldn't afford to feed everyone. This is where he developed his entrepreneurial spirit; he always made a way for himself.

In 1986, Joe's son, Peter Traigle, acquired the business and is currently the sole owner. Under Pete's direction A & L Sales has experienced unprecedented growth, now being one of the largest Jan/San houses in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region. A&L now not only services its traditional markets of offshore maritime, state and local government agencies, service contractors, schools, colleges, industrial, armed services, restaurants, etc., but has expanded to become a full service Hospitality/Hotel provider with linens and amenities! Today A & L Sales, still at the same location, has grown to five warehouses that total 50,000 square feet and 2,500 square feet of office space and has 15 trucks expanding our deliveries even further. You can trust A&L Sales to care for all of your Janitorial, Paper, Hospitality, Foodservice and even Pool Supply needs!